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Winter Cold and Flowers

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Winter time is very hard on flowers. They just do not like any temperature below freezing.  Don't get me wrong flowers like it cold.  Flowers are happiest in temperatures of 40-50 degrees.  Most of my flower coolers are about 36 degrees.  This temperature puts them to sleep like little sleeping beauties. Then we pull them out and get them all designed for there big daybut to a lucky local customer.  When they are delivered or if someone stops by to pick up some flowers.  We always try to cover them in a clear bag or wrapping paper.  This shields them from the cold, and even colder wind chill.  If you can see your breath, then it is cold enough to freeze flowers.  In Fact, most flowers can freeze in under 3 minutes.  How do you know if they have been frozen.  It can take anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour before you start to see the effects of the freeze.  The most common attribute to flowers that have been frozen is a browning of some or all of them petals and leaves.  Sorry to say, there is nothing you can do to save or revive these flowers.  At Flowers & More design studio, we hope that by educating our customers we can help your flowers get the longevity you desire.