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Tabletop bouquet arrangement

Welcome to the
Wedding & Events Division

by Flowers and More Design Studios

Flowers & More design studio is pleased to provide you with a glimpse into our Wedding & Events Studio.

Please take some time to get to know us with a visit to our photo galleries and peruse the following blogs below. For even more examples of our work, click through our social media links below to really get a thorough look are our catalogue.

In addition to our collection of fresh flowers, couture design and an experienced staff, Flowers & More event studio also boasts a wide selection of rental items and vase-ware. Your dedicated event planner will work with you to help design the best possible event to reflect your own personal tastes and preferences.

Our 20 years of experience tells us that the best way to help families researching a vendor for event planning is a commitment to an open and transparent process. Clear and honest communication about costs, expectations and design is key to a very memorable and stress-free day.

A little bit about us

Flowers & More event studio is a full-service retail florist located in the heart of Norfolk County, Walpole, Ma. We have been serving this area since 2000. Our foothold is strong in our community. As a family business, our business model revolves around being socially responsible — first to the people in our community.

We believe that even though we are a small family-owned business, we can still make a big difference in our community & the world we live in. As a matter of principle, the design studio practice recycling, organic composting, and energy efficiency monitoring. The most rewarding aspect of our green business certification shinethrough the products we provide to you. At joyous occasions, we celebrate the happiness, and in times of grief, we are sensitive to the loss. It is our dearest hope that the company of flowers enrich the moment.

Below you will find an introduction to our event consultation process, pricing scenarios and even our contract terms & conditions on every event agreement.

Pink tabletop arrangement

Securing Services for an event

Our initial consultations begin with a $75.00 non-refundable fee. This fee is applied to your signed agreement though, should you decide to not select our services, our time and efforts have not gone to waste.

Once an appointment is booked, please plan on at least 45 minutes to an hour to allow us to thoroughly collect relevant information and to properly build an understanding of your event vision and expectations.

We have found that most well-prepared brides will already have spent time on various social media and event magazines researching an overall theme for their event.

Our experience has also taught us that it is vital that the bride commit to a color palette and the bridal party attire already on order. This step helps ensure that selecting flower varieties and color scheme is straightforward and obtainable.

Once we a firm understanding of your event needs, we will prepare a comprehensive cost proposal, with timeline and delivery logistics for your review. At this point, we will be at your disposal for questions, adjustments, and feedback.

If you choose to move forward with the proposal, we can simply exchange emails to execute the agreement and hold your date in our event calendar. Structured deposits are not required at this point but recommended.

The final step in the booking process is to schedule one more consultation to review a sample of the color swatches, rental items, and a sample of your table centerpiece. This meeting usually takes place a couple of months before final balances are due.


When planning an event as significant as a wedding, budget & costs will likely become a big determining factor. As a matter of form, we cannot list strict pricing of any element of an event as each is unique and custom. Your planner will specifically detail each agreement to the particulars of a brides wishes, availability, seasonality, and labor. Obviously, the costs of floral design greatly depend on what flowers you require and the size of the arrangements. Wedding industry giants such as the Knot and have widely reported that families typically spend 8% - 10% of the total event budget exclusively on fresh flowers & floral services.

However, we are happy to share our experience to aid in your research with a list of typical ranges and averages, of what families will spend on common elements in aconventional wedding.

Long tabletop arrangement
  • Bridal Bouquet $ 150-$350
  • Bridesmaids $85-$125
  • Boutonnieres $12-$20
  • Corsages $35-$50
  • Throw bouquet $25
  • Low Table Centerpieces $85- $300
  • High-Riser Centerpieces $200-$600
  • Ceremony structures $1,200-$4,000
  • Place card / Gift / Guestbook arrangements $175
  • Sweetheart table $225
  • Wedding Party head table $750
  • Cake flowers $150
  • Fresh Flower Crown $120

A' la carte services

Napkin arrangement
  • Personal flowers
  • Personal flower delivery
  • Ceremony Décor & Installation
  • Ceremony site pinning
  • Reception Décor & Installation
  • Rentals

On occasions where a family planning an event does not require a full-service florist, we can help provide professionally designed fresh flowers and services based on specific need.

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